Turn the skin you have into the skin you want

92% Saw Improvement in Just 5 Days

When used together, our 3-step acne and skincare regimen is clinically proven to be more effective and faster at reducing facial acne than Proactiv®. In just two weeks it significantly reduces redness and acne, improves the radiance and clarity of your skin, leaving pores smaller and skin smoother.

Study results showed Receutics significantly improved skin radiance and smoothness in two weeks.
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See the Receutics Difference

“My forehead started clearing up…[the acne] was all gone…I was so excited.”
Alexis See Results
“I really got excited when I woke up to wash my face and I realized there were no more breakouts.”
Jennifer See Results
“After a week of using Receutics…I could tell that the acne was starting to go away and it gave me hope.”
Jake See Results
“As soon as I started using Receutics…I could tell it was really working. Within a week my breakouts were actually diminished.” Jennifer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Receutics require a prescription?

No. Receutics is available without a prescription.

Can I use Receutics acne products with my current prescription for acne?

Yes. Receutics can be used with an acne prescription from your dermatologist.

Who is Receutics for?

Receutics Active Skin Repair is for people suffering from acne-prone skin and people using a prescription topical product for acne.

How does Receutics work?

Receutics lowers the overall stress levels in the skin and supplements the traditional acne-clearing ingredients with natural nutrients that help normalize and regulate skin conditions. Receutics products are able to clear breakouts faster and reduce redness and dark spots often caused by acne, leaving healthier looking skin.

How is Receutics different from other acne products on the market?

Usually over-the-counter medications focus on opening pores and killing the bacteria that causes acne. Receutics’s 3-step approach has proven to be much more effective, with micronized benzoyl peroxide (BPO) that fits better into the pore to fight acne.

Do I have to use all three products in the Receutics Active Skin Repair Acne Regimen?

It is strongly recommended that you use all three products in the Receutics Active Skin Repair Acne Regimen to control and prevent breakouts.

How long will it take to see results using Receutics?

Many users have seen results after three days. After two weeks, your skin will look dramatically clearer.

Is Receutics dermatologist approved?

Yes. Receutics is dermatologist approved and recommended by pharmacists.

Does Receutics use parabens to prevent the growth of microbes?

No. Receutics does not use parabens.

Is Receutics tested on animals?

No. Receutics does not test products on animals.