Younger skin is waiting just below the surface

100% of participants saw improvement in their skin over a 12 week period of time.

Don’t let today make you look a day older. Slow down the aging process of your skin with Receutics Active Skin Repair anti-aging treatment, a fast acting, dermatology grade anti-aging treatment. It’s the perfect balance of clinically-proven ingredients with potent anti-oxidants to help reduce and prevent the signs of aging. Bring skin back to its youth with Receutics. 

Our Active Skin Repair Anti-aging Treatment Includes:

See the Receutics difference

“About 2 days after I started using Receutics I started noticing a difference.”
Alyson See Results
“I feel like I have much smoother skin, I feel like the tone is more consistent.”
Jamie See Results
“I’m happy with the way I look and feel. That’s important.”
Melissa See Results
“Now when I look in the mirror I see a woman who’s taking better care of herself and is pretty happy with who she is.” Andrea
Hear more of Andrea’s story 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Receutics require a prescription?

No. Receutics is available without a prescription.

What makes Receutics different from other Anti-aging treatments?

Our Anti-aging treatments are manufactured to be professional-grade, or even superior to these products. We use clinically effective ingredients that are both proven and on the cutting-edge to deliver results you can see, while repairing and renewing skin’s growth systems.

Specially sourced, our natural ingredients ensure a high potency and proven effectiveness, allowing skin to absorb and condition.

Do I have to use both of the products in the Receutics Anti-aging?

It is strongly recommended that you use both products in the Receutics Active Skin Repair Anti-aging treatment line to help reduce the visibility of lines and to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking.

How long will it take to see results using Receutics?

82% of users saw results after three days, and 88% saw improvements after seven days. After two weeks, your skin will look dramatically younger and radiant.

Is Receutics dermatologist approved?

Yes. Receutics is dermatologist approved and pharmacist recommended.

Does Receutics use parabens to prevent the growth of microbes?

No. Receutics does not use parabens.

Is Receutics tested on animals?

No. Receutics is not tested on animals.