Don’t Let Your Skin Get Under Your Skin

88% of Participants Saw a Reduction in Dryness 

You deserve relief now. Receutics Active Skin Repair, a dermatology grade skin repair treatment that's clinically-proven to prevent irritated, itchy, red, dry skin at a cellular level. It balances professional-grade ingredients with natural nutrients and antioxidants to help soothe and strengthen even the most dry, itchy skin. Get the relief you’ve been looking for

“This is one of the best skin hydration results I have seen for an eczema product, it is double what we normally see.”
Dermatologist Clinical Investigator

See the Receutics difference

“I see a big difference and I feel a big difference”
Jean See Results
“After a couple of days – maybe 3 days the redness actually started going away.”
Lisa See Results
“This is one of the best corneometry results I have seen for an eczema product, it is double what we normally see.”
Dermatologist Clinical Investigator See Results
“I really liked the product and it made my skin feel complete.” Lisa
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Receutics require a prescription?

No. Receutics is available without a prescription.

How is Receutics different from other treatments for eczema and extreme dry skin

Unlike other treatments that rely on heavy emollients to treat eczema and extremely dry skin, Receutics takes a much more active approach. Other treatments “seal” the skin to create a protective barrier and use colloidal oatmeal to reduce itching and irritation—neither approach actually addresses the root of what causes dry skin: depleted fatty acids from the skin’s cells.

Receutics goes below the surface of the skin to replace lost lipids and repair damage, resulting in skin that is soft, smooth and healthy. Our proprietary blend of fruit seed extracts is highly concentrated to maximize effectiveness and increase anti-inflammatory benefits, resulting in a synergistic effect that repairs wounds and the skin’s protective barrier.

How long will it take to see results using Receutics?

Many users have seen results after three days. After two weeks, your skin will look dramatically smoother and radiant.

Is Receutics dermatologist approved?

Yes. Receutics is dermatologist approved and pharmacist recommended.

Why is my skin dry?

Over time, the sun, wind, dry air, cleansing your skin, lifestyle and insufficient water intake breaks healthy skin cells down so they don’t fit together as well. When skin cells no longer fit together as well, your skin loses moisture. When your skin loses moisture, it becomes dehydrated.

What is the best treatment for dry skin?

The best treatment for dry skin is to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can make your skin feel uncomfortable and itchy. Removing these cells will allow your skin to better absorb moisture and improve the health of your skin.

Does Receutics use parabens to prevent the growth of microbes?

No. Receutics does not use parabens.

Is Receutics tested on animals?

No. Receutics is not tested on animals.