How to Treat Sun Damaged Skin

It isn’t too late to reverse some of the damage caused by the sun. Learn how sunscreen can help treat sun damage.

What is sun damage?

Sun damage is those lines, wrinkles and leathery-looking skin that can add years to your appearance. Even worse, sun damage can cause the deadly skin cancer, melanoma.

Can I prevent sun damage?

Receutics Advanced Sunscreen helps to prevent sun damage and repair sun-damaged skin with micronized zinc oxide for extra sun protection, plus anti-aging and skin-brightening nutrients that promote younger, healthy-looking skin.

Sunscreen reverses the effects of sun damage

The daily use of sunscreen protects your skin and also gives your immune system time to heal damaged skin.

Anti-aging products

Receutics Rapid Dark Spot & Tone Corrector and Receutics Anti-aging Treatment work at a cellular level to reduce wrinkles and lines and to lighten dark age spots created by sun damage while evening your skin tone and improving your skin’s radiance and texture.