The Science Behind Receutics

De-stress your distressed skin

The science behind Receutics

Our dermatologist-strength products combine a high potency of natural nutrients and antioxidants that are clinical proven to work fast and get results. Unlike other products on the market, we use scientifically proven, cutting-edge ingredients to replenish, repair and renew skin at a cellular level—all so your skin feels and looks healthier and more radiant.

The Receutics difference

Each of our products goes beyond traditional treatments to actually treat what is causing your skin’s problem. Other treatments on the market may help to temporarily elevate your skin’s issues, but our products actively support your skin’s own repair and renewal processes with highly concentrated and potent nutrients that your skin needs and craves.

How Receutics works

We synergize your skin. First Receutics will reduce the stress in your skin that can irritate, damage and prematurely age your skin with enzymes and inflammation that disrupt healthy skin from being produced. Then, once the stress level of your skin is reduced, we use highly potent nutrients, such as fruit seed extracts, amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids to support and stimulate your skin’s natural repair and renewal process.